Using fresh foods, as well as a variety of spices and ingredients is central to healthy cuisine that satisfies the food lover, but also keeps us on track with our goals. Translating that philosophy to fitness, our Specialty Classes help keep things fresh, introducing new exercises, experiences, and frequency of workouts for our clients. This lineup of specialty group fitness classes such as Bootcamp, Kettlebells, Tabata, Boxing and Yoga help diversify your fitness regime, or simply provide a great introduction to all that Impact Fitness has to offer.

Our Fitness Class lineup is available to our Personal Training or Semi-Private Clients as an add-on à la carte purchase or by membership for those solely interest in making group fitness classes staple of their fitness regiment.


Your success is our success. That’s why we don’t limit the expertise and accountability of our Fitness Consultants to our personal training clients. As a Specialty Fitness Class client, you are encouraged to tap into their expertise to help address any problems – goal setting, pain, nutrition concerns, etc. – that might come up during your time with us.


Strength Training 

Turn your weight training routine into the most productive time in the gym your body has ever seen. This HIIT-style class is the fastest way to major results. Push your body to new levels, stimulate endorphins, build strong muscles, all while seeing rapid fat loss. Maximize your time investment in the gym and build the strongest body you’ve ever seen.  Class is 45 minutes in length.

Rise & HIIT

Cardiovascular exercise class to increase stamina, improve endurance and maximize aerobic capacity. This unique style of cardiovascular exercise combines traditional exercise with cutting edge research. Cut your weekly workout time significantly while reaping better benefits. Cardio train the 10/20/30 interval way. Boost your body’s natural endorphins and feel energized for hours after. Class is 45 minutes.

Boot Camp XL

Challenging strength training and intense cardiovascular exercises in a boot camp format. The combination of strength and cardio provides the benefits of maximum aerobic capacity, lean muscle mass, strong bones and a metabolism revving burn that will last for hours after your workout. Class is 45 minutes.

B3: Bells, Balls, Bodyweight

Interval workout using kettlebells, medicine balls and your bodyweight to give you a complete workout. B3 is a series of movements using some of the best functional fitness equipment in the industry. This will take your functional core training to the next level. Develop strength, stabilization & power, allowing you to stay upright and stand strong on your own two feet. Class is 45 minutes.

Tabata Express

No time? Nonsense! The Tabata Express workouts are fat-torching, sweat-pouring workouts in just 30 minutes! A Tabata workout is designed to push the body as hard as it can possibly go, increase oxygen intake and improve your overall fitness level. Class is 30 minutes.

Power 10

Intense strength, cardio and dynamic combinations to challenge every aspect of your fitness level. Power 10 focuses on intensity over time duration – 10 minutes of work followed by 1 minute of rest, repeated four time. Short durations of intense exercise promote the fastest results for muscle growth, burning fat and getting yourself in peak physical shape. Class is 45 minutes.

Boot Camp 101

Your total body workout foundation. Concentration on fundamental movements that begin to build your workout base. Challenge yourself within your ability levels to get a fantastic workout. Class is 45 minutes.


We take our great HIIT boot camp outdoors from May through October. MKE HIIT Squad is a challenging workout that utilizes the amenities of our parks and the great outdoors. Test your strength and cardiovascular levels outside the confines of the gym. Traditional and non-traditional exercise combinations along with the use of the parks many amenities and obstacles provide a one-of-a-kind workout. Class is 45 minutes.


Not in to being social with other sweaty bodies? We understand that too. Make an appointment now for private studio personal training here.

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